Solera System

Solera is a system for producing and refining winy products, such as wines and vinegars. In our case, it namely consists in the deposit or passage of musts and vinegars from the highest to the lowest barrels or from the largest to the smallest ones. 

Our barrels are made of several essences


Passive Solera

The Solera is passive when a small quantity of vinegar is taken from a mass contained in a barrel which is then filled in with wine in the same quantity.

Active Solera

The Solera is active when a small amount of Sopraffino is taken from a barrel and moved into a smaller one. The first one is then filled with a younger vinegar in the same quantity. At the beginning the quantity destined for bottling is taken from the first smallest barrel; at the end the last biggest barrel (in our estate, 6 or 12 passages) is filled in with the fresh must coming from the yearly grape harvest.

The production process may be of 6 or 12 passages.

We use 3000 barrels for the aging of all our vinegars and condiments.